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NEH Chantilly is an Independent Equine Veterinary Practice in the heart of Chantilly in Northern France. We are a team of sharp and passionate veterinarians providing high quality care.

Lucile Falque, the practice principle, started working in Chantilly in 2010, predominantly with racing thoroughbreds. She has a strong interest in orthopedics, physiotherapy and sports medicine. Lucile also attends all the major thoroughbred sales throughout France.

The practice has all the equipment required for a first class, horse side service, including digital radiography, ultrasound, video endoscopy and basic laboratory facilities. We are also able to offer regenerative therapies including IRAP and Prostride, alongside adjunctive rehabilitation therapies such as laser and shockwave.

The association with NEH means that NEH Chantilly clients have full access to NEH specialists for further opinions on cases.

NEH Chantilly is committed to providing first class care to racehorses and sport horses – focusing on the performance and welfare of every horse.