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Providing veterinary services to the thoroughbred industry and sport and leisure horses around the Chantilly area, NEH Chantilly provide a high quality and personalised service suitable to your and your horses needs. We offer a complete ambulatory service in medicine, orthopaedics and rehabilitation which are discussed further below. 


We provide a high level of level of general veterinary medicine, focusing on the needs of the horse and their owner. 

We a passion for sport medicine, our team make sure that racehorses and sport horses at all levels receive the highest level of care. 

We offer a full diagnostic protocol with the option of complementary tests carried out in the yard, blood tests, videoendoscopy and ultrasonography. We collaborate with the best specialists and laboratories.     

Lameness Investigation

We offer regular follow ups of your horses to focus on the prevention of injuries and support performance.

We have high quality portable x-ray and ultrasound machines to assist in the diagnosis of lameness and locomotion work ups.

We can also provide biological therapies (IRAP, Prostride and PRP) if these prove appropriate for your horse.


We also use shockwave and laser therapy as complimentary therapies alongside medical treatments. These two modalities have proved very effective in human medicine particularly for sports injuries.